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The birth of the Mad Scribe

Okay so I found something from way back in the day that I thought was lost forever. It happened as finally began to used the Cortana voice activated assistant on my computer. I didn’t even realize my computer had that option, but I digress. I asked Cortana to bring up my book, Escape from came 8, and it did so much more. I didn’t even realize I had so many versions saved. So I actually came up on the original version. Back then I was constantly using the synonyms feature on Microsoft word to learn big words lol. (I still do this by the way, you’re welcome}  Yet I decided to cut this part out of the original Escape from camp 8. This monologue would just fit better in another story. Anyway I submit to you the following, the birth of The Mad Scribe. Out of a deathly quiet a lone voice begins to speak. It pours out of the abyss like the sweetest of dreams. Rich as honey and tantalizing to the ears, it resonates in the silence brimming with subtle command. Yet barely above a whisper, so…

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